According to the Agency, scientists from St. Petersburg research Institute of radiation hygiene named after Professor P. V. Ramzaev Rospotrebnadzor start a scientific project to collect data on the number of performed CT studies in the regions and individual medical institutions. It is necessary to study the implications for public health.

it is Noted that a CT scan during a pandemic coronavirus massively did patients, to assess the condition of the organs of the thorax and the effectiveness of prescribed therapy.

“According to scientists, the increase in CT leads to an additional irradiation of the population. According to preliminary estimates, the structure and collective dose from CT-scan during the period from March to June of the current year in connection with the diagnosis COVID-19”, – stressed in the Department.

it is Now clear that the collective dose from CT-scan in March-June 2020 increased one and a half times. This is confirmed by data from Moscow, St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region. Radiation could potentially cause radiation-induced diseases. For example, can develop pathologies of the heart.