to Prohibit restaurateurs to include in the check the tip intention of the CPS – this is stated in the new rules of rendering of services of public catering developed by the Agency.

to Live a new restaurants, cafes and canteens will begin from January next year. The main change will be the format of work. Institutions that have never delivered meals to your home or offices, will be forced to learn this way. How to deliver – hire couriers themselves or to negotiate with major aggregators – officials left at the mercy of restaurateurs. Sites catering points will change. Under each dish you will see the button “order” and full information on the composition and methods of cooking the main ingredients. So to keep the secrets of the culinary chefs will not succeed. If a masterpiece of Haute cuisine used food additive, it is also necessary to specify. But to the consumer not to doubt the benefits of eaten for lunch, restaurateurs have in each dish not only to calculate the number of calories, but also to determine the composition of minerals. Another important point – the client has a trendy coffee shop or a regular table should be able to check the weight served him portions. Finally, the new rules may hit the wallets of the waiters. To include in the bill a tip is prohibited. If the reward will still be in check and will detect this only after the payment he can claim the money back.