Treat with antiseptics not only Elevator buttons and surfaces of tables, but even the chairs in the exhibition and Congress centres, has ordered the Federal service. This is stated in the new rulebook, which was released by the health Department.

the Mandatory elements of the new reality for trade shows, conferences and round tables will be masks and gloves. However, as stated in the training manual of the CPS, visitors should only be able to purchase protection at the entrance to the event. That is the question of how to distribute medical items free of charge, no. Mount stands, tables and other details of the exhibition masters will have followed standard distance of half a meter. And the distance between the stands should be at least three meters, so guests can safely move, without touching each other’s elbows. With ventilation to the owners of sites will have to work hard and change it so that the exhaust air again fell into the room. And to have the coronavirus was even less likely to survive, will have to acquire more and bactericidal lamps. But only those that can be used in the presence of people. In the halls between sessions of Congress will have to arrange 15-minute breaks for disinfection. At the Congress you will be in the mask, and for exhibitions a mandatory condition presence in the room will mask, and gloves. In addition, the first time the events will have to do without the traditional coffee breaks and receptions.

most of the new requirements of Convention centers in the capital are ready, told “MK” the Deputy Director General of Sokolniki exhibition and Convention centre Alexey kharyutkin. According to him, the passages between the stands are always mounted from the calculation of the three-meter range, and a mask mode exhibition area introduced in March voluntarily. In addition, the run site will be in stages. This is because all Metropolitan Convention centers are now placed under kovid-hospitals. According to the plans of the owners of Convention centres around 60-70 percent of the area will return to work as directed. The remaining 30-40% will remain in reserve as an additional bedspace at least until the new year.