As it became known “Kommersant”, “Rosneft” wants to receive three gas stations on the Taimyr Peninsula for the production of liquefied natural gas, are faced with the contradictory position of the relevant ministries. They fear that in the long term LNG supply, oil companies can compete with the pipeline export of “Gazprom”. In “Rosneft” these arguments are rejected, believing that the market has enough space for the new Russian LNG. However “Gazprom” in 2016, has already successfully neutralized the previous similar project of “Rosneft” — “Pechora LNG”.The relevant ministries have differences in estimates of the feasibility of licensing gas stations on the Taimyr Peninsula, which wants to Rosneft for transportation of LNG through the Northern sea route (NSR) in the framework of its project “Vostok oil”. We are talking about Derevinska turkivs’kyi areas and the site, including Kazantsevskaya Deposit with reserves of 128 billion cubic meters of gas.The question of whether increasing the supply of SMP “needs to be addressed taking into account the forecast estimates of the economic situation in the target markets”, the letter the head of the Ministry Dmitry Kobylkin, the Vice-Premier of Victoria Abramchenko. In his opinion, “such estimates should exclude competition and marine and pipeline deliveries of hydrocarbons in the target markets”, and the requested licensing areas “to be undertaken after confirmation of the availability of guaranteed markets”.The Secretariat Victoria Abramchenko refused to comment on the correspondence, the MEP said: “the Decision on putting the parcels up for auction has not yet taken position on this question is formed”. The energy Ministry and Gazprom declined to comment, in “Rosneft” on the request is not answered.”Gazprom” has a monopoly on pipeline gas exports, and has repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with the plans of Rosneft and NOVATEK to increase LNG exports, claiming that such supplies are competing with his own and reduce the price of gas. Until recently, this argument was concerned with Europe and could not be applied to the growth market China, but in the end of 2019, “Gazprom” and there began to supply gas through the pipeline “Power of Siberia”.As follows from July letters the head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin to Victoria Abramchenko, “Rosneft” rejects the existence of competition between LNG and pipeline gas in the long term.”Rosneft” expects consumption growth in India, China and South-East Asia and the growth of import dependence of the European countries due to the fall in domestic production, to the letter. Sechin believes that Russian LNG competes only with foreign LNG projects.”Gazprom” previously stood in the way of the ambitions of Rosneft to become the largest LNG producer. So, “Rosneft” was going to build a plant Pechora LNG, for which it is not��required resource base — large deposits Ladojskoe and Vanaveski in the NAO. However “Gazprom” in 2016 outbid Rosneft at auction, suggesting for these assets of 23 billion rubles., although the field was not required by the monopoly. As a result “Rosneft” has abandoned plans for “Pechora LNG” came out of the project.Agencies have other claims to Rosneft’s proposal to hold an auction on the Taimyr areas. So, the company stands for and auction with special conditions: the applicant should have other mining assets in the Krasnoyarsk region, and also in the future will have to transport the produced gas via the NSR on the LNG carriers built in Russia. FAS with such conditions do not agree, as they narrow the circle of participants in the auction to one of “Rosneft”, which “potentially contains signs of restricting competition and may hinder the development of gas supply in the region,” the letters of Dmitry Kobylkina. In addition, the energy Ministry believes that the areas that he wants to “Rosneft”, can be used to supply Norilsk and its satellite cities. Igor Sechin in his letter to Mrs. Abramchenko rejects this argument, pointing out that reserves of existing fields that supply Norilsk, at the current level of consumption will last for 100 years. Also, as reported by “Kommersant” on 26 June, the Ministry noted that the sites are partially located in the conservation areas of regional significance. However, from a letter to Dmitry Kobylkin, it follows that, in the opinion of the authorities of the Krasnoyarsk territory, the sites lie outside of its borders.The Gazprom’s gas in Europe will in any case compete with LNG, with the project location and geography irrelevant, says Dmitry marinchenko from Fitch, even if LNG will go to Asia, which means that in Asia there will be fewer of LNG from, say, the United States, which in the end will be in Europe and will compete with gas “Gazprom”. “Another issue is that Russia will find it difficult to monetize its huge gas reserves, if not to increase the presence in the LNG market,” he explains. The European gas market will probably stagnate or shrink due to the development of alternative energy, in these circumstances, it is important to be able to supply gas to various regions, and LNG provides this flexibility, the analyst concludes.Dmitry Kozlov