Former Deputy energy Minister, the first Vice-President “Rosneft” Pavel Fedorov, who has worked at the current position for four years, goes to a less responsible position and became Advisor to the head of the company. In the new status, he will oversee the interaction with the presidential Commission on fuel and energy complex and special projects of the company. Kommersant’s sources associate this transition with the desire of Mr. Fyodorov, who recently worked with high download. Instead of Pavel Fedorov, first Vice-President “Rosneft” became Didier Casimiro.First Vice-President “Rosneft” Pavel Fedorov left that position should be the message of the company. Now he was appointed Advisor to the head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin in the rank of Vice President and will focus on collaboration with the presidential Commission on fuel and energy complex, as well as to oversee special strategic projects, including a program to develop genetic technologies became partner of “Rosneft”. For four years and was, according to “Kommersant”, is the contract of a top Manager.Mr. Fedorov has come in “Rosneft” in the spring of 2010 when Sergei Bogdanchikov of Morgan Stanley, becoming the first Vice President for Economics and Finance. But in 2011, Pavel Fedorov went to the Ministry of energy, where in a year his main task was the development of a number of bills to reduce the tax burden on the oil industry, particularly offshore. After retiring from the Ministry, Mr. Fedorov is not immediately returned to “Rosneft”, in 2013-2016 after working at Norilsk Nickel first Vice-President. In 2016, Pavel Fedorov succeeded in “Rosneft” Svyatoslav slavinskiy, having supervision over the financial-economic bloc. In particular, it is on the market called the “architect” of the privatization transaction of 2016, when 19.5% of Rosneft shares were sold to a consortium of Glencore and QIA. He also worked on the development strategy of Rosneft. “I am confident that in the future the experience and expertise of Pavel Sergeyevich will be in high demand in our business. He will continue to oversee the key activities of the company”,— commented on the transition of a top Manager Igor Sechin. In “Rosneft” refused to comment further.Thus, Mr. Casimiro also depart the financial-economic bloc. “Didier Casimiro has played an important role in strengthening the company’s position as a global major, the establishment of trading division, the formation of a trusting relationship with partners. Large-scale transactions, which he oversaw, allowed the company to reach key consumer markets of Europe and Asia”,— said Sechin.Photo: Rocketpopmedia time such serious changes in the leadership of “Rosneft” took place in late 2019. Then Daniele Runje became the first Vice-President for development of oil and gas and offshore business before that, he held the position of Vice President for offshore projects. And previously served as first Vice President for exploration and production Eric Liron was appointed Vice-President of “Rosneft” for domestic service.Dmitry Kozlodranie conquest of the oil market to further Rosiekitty