Representatives of state Corporation “Roscosmos” corrected statement American businessman Elon musk about the contribution of the Soviet designer Sergei Korolev in the development of rocket-space industry. A statement published on the Roscosmos page on the social network Twitter.

On July 11, the founder of the private aerospace company SpaceX Elon Musk has said on his page on Twitterо in a recent conversation with family members of Korolev. Musk provided no details of the conversation, but noted that the king “was one of the best.”

“He was the best,” corrected the Russian space Agency.

Sergei Korolev is the founder of the Soviet space industry. Under his leadership, was prepared and launched the first artificial earth satellite and the first astronaut Yuri Gagarin.

As previously reported IA REGNUM, in March 2020, the Russian space Agency has declassified documents about the first spacewalk, made by pilot and spaceman Alexey Leonov.