Roskosmos explained by the appreciation of the Angara project

MOSCOW, 23 APR – RIA Novosti. The need to increase development cost of the rocket “Angara” is associated with the creation of its upgraded version, which will also be used for manned launches, told RIA Novosti press-service of Roscosmos.

As previously reported the Agency with reference to the materials of the state Corporation, Russian Federal space Agency wants to increase funding for the Angara project for the Vostochny space centre to 65 billion roubles that in 2,5 times more than originally planned.

“the Increase in cost of development of space rocket complex “Amur” is the adoption of the decision on the development of a new modification of the carrier rocket “Angara А5М(P)”, including to ensure a 2023 manned program from the Vostochny cosmodrome,” – said the Corporation.

it was recalled that the final decision to transfer to Eastern test of the new manned spacecraft “eagle” on the rocket “Angara А5П” was adopted in September 2019 during the visit of the President of Russia of projects under construction of the second turn of the cosmodrome in the Amur region.

pre-work on the new missile being the Center Khrunichev in conjunction with Rocket and space Corporation “Energia”. The carrier rocket “Angara-А5М” will be upgraded engine with increased thrust and can operate in derated mode.