Roskoshestvo told about the above sellers on March 8

More than half of respondents (52%) want to receive a gift of electronics. However, when choosing a gift we should not forget that in the holidays you can pay heavily. Unscrupulous sellers like to cash in on the hype.

Photo: Maxim Blinov/RIA Novosti Roskoshestvo found in lipstick forbidden Nickel and cadmium

for example, before the holidays, retailers announce massive discounts. Near the same price is a new one. But in fact, as recalled in Roskoshestvo such holiday discounts – no more than a marketing ploy. Before the holidays, the sellers intentionally raise the price and then the buyer offered a discount on the amount of interest that was overpriced.

Another common trick is to offer a gift with purchase. For example, the phone offers headphones. In fact, it is a cheap and poorly sold product. And sellers just want this way to get rid of it.

Sometimes sellers create artificial scarcity of goods: “there are two days left to purchase such a product at a low price” or “quantity of this item is restricted”. In other words, who did not, that was late. In fact, products are now everywhere in abundance, and the sellers of strong competition and no special reason to Jack up prices. But even if you don’t have time to buy something initially pleasurable, do not worry. So there will be chance to buy something much better and cheaper.

Is also so that the seller offers to refund the difference in price, if the buyer found the same item cheaper. But these advertising messages are usually accompanied by an asterisk or have hidden conditions of the program.

Photo: iStock Confectionery became the most desired gift for March 8 in Rostov

it is necessary to pay special attention because there are a lot of reservations. For example, if a person really find a cheaper alternative from competitors, and want to return a purchase, he explained that for such deals product with lower price must be sold only to specific competitors in a particular city and should be on the list of certain goods that are covered by the program.

don’t lose your head when shopping online. “Under the guise of promotions and discounts can sell counterfeit goods, to use the hype to steal your funds, getting credit card users. Even when the benefit is infatuated, it is necessary not to lose vigilance and to check exactly where you get the goods and on what terms. It is extremely important to be able to determine the authenticity of the site that you have chosen a product or want to participate in the drawing, and ignore suspicious messages sent via email or TEXT” – draws the attention of the Deputy head of Roskoshestvo Ilya Loev.