today, the vast majority – 73% of consumers in Russia – before purchasing any product pay attention to the date of manufacture of the product, as well as data on the packaging. A year ago the figure was only 63%.

Most attention Russians pay on the date of manufacture of the product – 75% (against 65% last year), its composition is 51% (against 39% in the past) and weight – 42% (vs. 34% in the past)”, – stated in the message Roskoshestvo. The most insignificant indicator was the information about the energy value of the product and the content of micro – and macroelements (12% and 10%, respectively). In addition, when buying food, more and more people began to trust the recommendations of friends, acquaintances and relatives (43% vs. 35% in 2019). Searching for information about quality of purchased goods is only 5% of customers, experts say.

the Study was conducted specially to Roskoshestvo: was interviewed 1500 respondents among the adult resident population of Russia aged 18 years, from 77 regions of the Russian Federation.