Roskoshestvo found in tomato juice, the pesticides and extra sugar

the good news is in the juice did not find heavy metals in quantities above the maximum allowable level, nonspore or lactic acid bacteria and yeast, synthetic dyes, starch.

But in the juice of eight brands found traces of pesticides, three -, preservative sorbic acid, three – high content of salt.

Photo: iStock Roskoshestvo found antibiotics in beef stew

In tomato juice 5 brands of glucose and fructose consistent with natural values, and sucrose were higher than natural values, characteristic of this drink. In the name of the product and its composition was stated about the addition of sugar. But drink 4 brands in the part about sugar not been written, although he and kept.

Juice of 6 trade marks, as it turned out, the juices actually are glucose fructose in them was less than it should be in tomato juice. Plus – the taste and the smell is not characteristic of this drink.

Details can be found on the website of Roskoshestvo.