Roskoshestvo found in lipstick forbidden Nickel and cadmium

the study showed – expensive “luxury” brands, sometimes, are inside the rating, and cheap mass – at the top.

All tested lipstick was safe. It found no nitrosamines, volatile phenols, sulphur dioxide, benzoic acid. No exceedances for concentrations of arsenic, lead, zinc, mercury, harmful microorganisms.

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the Contents of such metals as Nickel, cadmium, lipstick is not regulated by Russian legislation. But according to the technical regulations of the Customs Union, they should not be in the raw material from which is decorative cosmetics. However, Nickel was found in the four lipstick brands, and cadmium-five.

Test for frost resistance passed the lipstick the two brands, and the heat resistance of three.

On the label of the lipstick should be a color indicator that would correspond to its color. In eight cases the indicator was not. The seven brands he was consistent with the actual touch of “gubochkin”. In four cases the color of the lipstick did not match the one you specified in the indicator. The products of six brands was an improperly Packed.

Details can be found on the website of Roskoshestvo.