a Test were chicken 15 brands (13 from Russia and 2 from Belarus). Price category samples from 225 to 350 rubles per pack.

the Positive thing about experts Roskoshestvo is not found in any one brand of Listeria, Salmonella, bacteria E. coli. Also, the meat is not identified nitrite (locks coloring, which give the meat an attractive color), preservatives, chemical solvents, artificially added water, polyphosphates, GMO, DNA soy and corn, the DNA of cattle, sheep, pigs.

Negative factors. Chicken meat was found chlorine-containing drugs (they are used to eliminate odors, and to sell the product with initial signs of spoilage). A by-product of chlorination chloroform – have been identified only in 6 of 15 samples of the product. In the deeper layers of muscle tissue chlorine was less on the surface of the filet more. This fact suggests that the chloroform got in the fillet samples after slaughtering the chickens.

Chlorine is dangerous for the body, as a result of processing of chlorine-containing solutions on the surface (on the skin) carcasses produce carcinogens.

Traces of antibiotics were found in 10 samples. Two of the investigated product had the inscription on the label “No antibiotics.” It turned out that this is not true. Not protected against the presence of antibiotics and Halal products – traces of antibiotic identified in one of the products are marked as Halal.

Details of the results of the examination of chicken can be found on the website of Roskoshestvo.