Roskomnadzor ordered the investigation

administered by Roskomnadzor, the Federal state unitary enterprise grchts commissioned a study of decentralized device networks to determine the possibility of limiting access to published in them is prohibited for distribution in Russia information. A notification was posted on March 3, on the public procurement portal, the first that drew attention to the “Kommersant”.

the Purchase is estimated at 9 192 190 rubles, and the uncontested Executive order called Federal research centre “Informatics and management” of the Russian Academy of Sciences (FIC). Work must be completed by 30 June and are held “in the framework of task on restriction of access to restricted services and information resources”. Their goal is to identify the threats and risks associated with the use of access to such resources “perspective information technologies and protocols”.

In the application referred decentralized network of three types: mesh, networks with “onion” routing (Tor) and the “Internet of things” (IoT). The first type includes, for example, networks that form the selected communication application, linking the nearby devices via Bluetooth without using centralized access points, Wi-Fi or cellular connection. FITZ needs to provide the customer with a description of how deterioration in the operation of such networks “to complete degradation”.

Network IoT Roskomnadzor wants to check on the possibility of the organization through their access to forbidden information, using them to counter locks and the implementation of computer attacks.

Finally, FITZ will have to perform and “information network implemented on the basis of an anonymous secure connection”, including identifying trends of their development. Such networks fall Tor and Invisible Internet Project (I2P), Telegram Open Network, Freenet, anoNet and Zeronet. Mentioned network, the contractor must investigate mandatory. The aim here is to identify possible threats and ways to lock information.

Text: News.Hi-tech