Roskomnadzor has suspended a planned monitoring of the media until the end of June

the press service of Roskomnadzor recalled that earlier in connection with an epidemiological situation similar measure was calculated for the period up to April 30.

“At present has already decided about the cancellation of all planned systematic observations in the field of media and broadcasting until June 30. It should be noted that unplanned events if there is reason to be will be” – are reported words of the representative of Roskomnadzor.

As shown in the material extracts from a letter from the Deputy Minister, the Ministry, together with representatives of the media industry have formed and submitted to the government a complex of measures on decrease in tax pressure, a partial postponement of payments and the freezing of inspections in respect of the media. “At the moment the proposals being explored by the Ministry of economic development on behalf of Cabinet,” the letter said Alexei Volin.

it also States that the Ministry of communications sent a letter to the heads of constituent entities of the Russian Federation “a reasoned request to ensure the smooth operation of organizations producing and producing media.”

“According to the information received from industry representatives, at present in 30 regions of the Russian Federation Newspapers and magazines without interruption. We believe that their example can follow and other subjects of the Russian Federation,” reads the letter.