The american rock band The Strokes was just quick enough on the trigger, when the Monday night revealed that they will play at this summer’s Roskilde Festival.

“Denmark. We will celebrate the 4. July with you guys (the USA’s national day, red.) – as is the tradition at the Roskilde Festival,” wrote the band on Monday evening on their Instagram page.

Big cheers from the Danish rockfans, but it could now fit in?

Went to check on the Roskilde Festival’s own website, there was no announcement of an upcoming The Strokes concert.

Also not on the Roskilde Festival’s official social media wrote something about the concert.

on Tuesday morning it is still only according to The Strokes Instagram profile, the band will play in Denmark this summer. They have not even updated their own tourkalender.

B. T. has asked Roskilde Festival’s music director Donald Wahrén whether The Strokes will play at the Roskilde Festival or not.

It must, he affirms. They’ve just been a little too quick to announce their concert, he writes in an email.

“Eventually The Strokes were here, was in 2011, and just like their fans have been looking forward to their next concert at the Roskilde Festival. They have clearly couldn’t wait to share the good news that they are playing on Saturday 4. July at this year’s Roskilde Festival,” writes Anders Wahrén, that does not answer why the Roskilde Festival is not even written anything about the concert yet.

The Strokes broke through in 2001 with the album ‘Is This It’ and the hit ‘Last Nite’, the publisher the 10. april of their sixth album ‘The New Abnormal’, as they are coming to Europe with.

They are expected to be one of the headliners at this year’s Roskilde Festival, which already counts such names as Taylor Swift and Tyler The Creator.

It is 50 years ago that the Festival was held for the first time, and who is expected still to be announced a lot of new names to the program.