on Tuesday announced the Roskilde Festival, that it becomes Emilie Molsted Noergaard, better known as Jada, who must open the Orange Stage at the Roskilde Festival.

the Announcement came in a Facebook lookup with a video of Jada. A lookup, which created quite a stir.

It is due to the Danish singer on the video posing on top of a seemingly grabbing the sweatshirt. The shirt has certainly caught the attention of more fans.

On the orange sweatshirt stands there namely the text ‘Billie Eilish’, which has led several to wonder whether there is a hidden message behind.

A number of users writing in the least excited, about the jersey means to the american popikon to appear at the festival.

‘And we should not think further of the fact that she is on (what is confusingly similar to) a Orange Billie Eilish hoodie?!’ write a user for example.

‘Why is she on a Billie Eilish-shirt? That is the question,’ writes another.

‘do you Think it is for fun, she is on an orange Billie Eilish-hoodie?!?!’, ask a third hopeful.

however, There is bad news for the raving fans.

Roskilde Festival invalidates namely, that the 18-year-old superstar is coming to Denmark to perform at this year’s festival.

‘Billie Eilish starts its European tour after Roskilde Festival, that is why she is not on the Roskilde Festival this summer,’ reads the official response from the festival on the Facebook page.

Thursday, 27. February promises Roskilde Festival unveiled the full music programme.

Of the already published the names you will find – in addition to the Jada – among other Taylor Swift, The Strokes, TLC, FKA Twigs, Faith No More, and Tyler The Creator.