Roskilde Festival announces out-of partout tickets for the summer 2020 release.

It informs on its Facebook page.

the Sale of the 80,000 tickets is the fastest ever in the festival’s 50-year history.

so Far, was the festival’s record for the fastest sales in 1996. Here it was sold out from the 29. april.

In 2019, reported the Roskilde Festival, for example, sold out of three tickets at the beginning of may.

he was not more than a month, before all of the tickets were reported sold out.

‘It is fantastic that we can once again sold out for the Roskilde Festival – and even rekordhurtigt prior to number 50,’ says a spokeswoman for the festival, Christina Bilde in a press release.

‘the 80,000 participants have chosen the full experience with music, art, activism and community through the eight days, and it means that after all the anticipation can donate an amount of money to a good purpose after the festival.’

It is still possible to buy tickets for individual days, the so-called ‘one-day-tickets’. The festival writes that the also expect to get sold out here, but it has not happened yet.

A ticket for the whole festival costs 2250 dollars, while a ticket for a single day costs 1100 dollars.

Judged for the festival’s commentary track on Facebook, so it seems that the rapid ticket sales have come from behind on multiple users. In any case, there are several, who writes and is looking for a ticket among them, who had to sit inside with extra tickets in the profits.

While the tickets for the full program is sold out, and the demand for tickets will probably continue, warns the Roskilde Festival, that there can be fraud with the sale of the tickets, when sold from unofficial channels such as Viagogo.

‘If the tickets the souls of the dead or lost, can billetnumre be invalidated. In this way, the scammers try to sell tickets, which in reality is null and void,’ writes the Roskilde Festival.

on Thursday last week presented the festival the ultimate music program. One of the really big names that were presented here, was the 32-year-old Kendrick Lamar. In addition, the festival has also presented international stars like Taylor Swift, The Strokes, Haim, Charli XCX, DaBaby and Tyler, the Creator.

Roskilde Festival 2020 goods in the year from Saturday the 27th. June to Saturday 4. July.