The President of the Institute of emergency pediatric surgery and traumatology, Professor Leonid Roshal said that the epidemic of coronavirus has become a test of strength for the Russian health care system. Reported by Forbes.

According to Roshal, the pandemic can be considered a “rehearsal of a biological warfare”. However, he added that there were insufficient grounds to conclude about the artificial nature of the disease.

The doctor said that everything in Russia, including the President and the government, contributed to the fight against coronavirus. Also an important role in the fight for low rates in the number of deaths was played by the introduction of restrictions on entry and internal controls.

At the same time, he stressed that not all countries were able to cope with the influx of patients during a pandemic. Roshal highlighted the success of Germany, whose well-structured and well-established health care system has allowed to reduce the mortality rate to one percent.

Earlier Roshal predicted that due to the pandemic coronavirus in Russia can be formed with superior healthcare industry. He believes that the experience gained will help to build the healthcare of the future.