parents can apply for , a free subscription to one of 24 available languages.

“We are there to help parents and students in this unprecedented time of school closure due to the COVID-to support 19-pandemic – without hooks, and without pressure to buy something in the future,” says Matt Hulett, President of Rosetta Stone.

Many employees of Rosetta Stone are also parents, and are aware of the current challenge to teach children at home and to try at the same time, even in the Home-to-work Office – possibly for weeks. “The Learning of languages to show children new cultures and opens your mind to new experiences, and it is a welcome breath can be a break for parents looking for at this time, according to a new employment for their children,” the President continued.

250 hours of language instruction in 24 languages

Rosetta Stone for students provides up to 250 hours of language instruction in 24 languages. It can be accessed with mobile devices, as well as Online with a Computer that is on the course. The program was developed by professional linguists, to help students to retain learning over the long term and to train a correct pronunciation, without memorizing vocabulary and grammar rules.


  • children can learn on your Computer, Tablet or mobile phone.
  • If no Internet connection is available, can be downloaded from the lessons simply for the Offline use.
  • The Dynamic Immersion method makes sure that learners are immersed from the start in their new language, with Reading, Writing, listening and speaking exercises that use the natural language processing ability of the brain to promote faster Learning. Neither the parents nor the child need at the Start of the programme, knowledge in the new language.
  • The patented TruAccent voice recognition technology listens to, analyzes, and corrects the language of the learner throughout the learning process, to allow for the safe to Speak in any Situation.
  • Fun lessons that encourage children to deductive Thinking, in order to remember more, stay engaged and make progress.
  • Adaptive Recall feature that motivates learners to repeat activities that need to be improved.
  • Advanced reporting and monitoring tools that help parents to keep the learning progress of their children in the eye and analyze it in more keep the kids with printable Reports and lesson progress data up to date.

children need at least an initial literacy level in their native language (usually about 7 years old) to be able to Rosetta Stone for students use. Parents who have multiple children with different languages learn can apply for each child a subscription. Rosetta Stone With Rosetta Stone you will have your language course anywhere.

Intuitively, learning a language with Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone provides a brand new learning experience with the so-called Dynamic Immersion method: This method of learning a language-learning experience, to Forget the newly Learned prevent. Through logical learning units, the user learns the meaning of new words and phrases, and can thus speed up his learning process. Thus, the user applies during the learning process, have already learned words and phrases from previous units, specifically, with the aim to understand new vocabulary intuitive. Classic memorization of rules and repetitions should be avoided.

Rapid progress through Rosetta Stone

founded in 1992, the language division of Rosetta Stone uses Cloud-based solutions to enable all types of learners to read, Write and Speak more than 30 languages, including several endangered languages. Lexia Learning, the Department of reading education and writing skills of the Rosetta Stone, was founded more than 30 years ago and is a leader in the area of literacy. Today, Lexia helps students basic reading skills through rigorously researched, independently evaluated, and widely respected teaching and assessment programs to build.