“Roskosmos” began work on the creation of spacecraft that could become the heir of the “Buran”. This was stated by the head of state Corporation Dmitry Rogozin on air of radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

“We have successfully carried out a flight in an unmanned mode, "Buran" landed at the airport of Baikonur Jubilee, but then never found a use for it. The program was closed. If we talk about the ship, which should be designed to work in low earth orbit… you will Need to move toward a manned reusable spacecraft,” — said Rogozin.

He pointed out that this “very promising theme” has already begun TsNIIMash, but the timing is unknown: “what was created by our great ancestors, was ahead of its time”.

In the framework of the Soviet project “Energy-Buran” was created super-heavy rocket Energia and reusable Orbiter Buran. The missile was launched two times (may 15, 1987 and November 15, 1988), the ship — one (15 November 1988). All starts, as well as flight and landing “Buran” in automatic mode have been successful. The project cost is estimated at 30 billion dollars (by contemporary exchange rate).