Roscosmos plans to resume missile launches from Sea launch

the state Corporation Roscosmos admits the possibility of the resumption of launches from the floating cosmodrome Sea launch in 2024, said in a letter to the company.

“”JSC “glavkosmos launch services” conduct marketing analysis in respect of launch services using missile-space complex “Sea launch”, starting in 2024,” – said in the message.

the Russian space Agency has instructed its companies to assess the competitiveness of the complex compared to the space rocket complex “Soyuz-5” on Baikonur and Vostochny.

in addition, the RCC “Progress” will evaluate the development cost of the rocket “Soyuz-7” launch with Sea launch and the cost of its production and preparation costs for the launch.

it Was also commissioned to evaluate the cost to repair the launch pad and command ship, the cost of maintenance and operation, and creation of coastal infrastructure.