Manned spacecraft “eagle” (formerly the “Federation”) will receive the partially composite case, reported RIA Novosti chief designer for the development of a manned transport ship the new generation Igor Hamic.

“I do not really want to delve into the subject of suppliers, this is a rather sensitive issue, not only for the space industry. I can only say that the body of the engine compartment will be made of composite materials. Housing the living quarters of the spacecraft will be made out of metal,” — said the expert on the question of the Agency about the origin of the case of manned spacecraft.

In June, Russia’s Roscosmos has appointed Amica chief designer of the “eagle.”

In March the General Director of “Rosatom” Dmitry Rogozin, speaking to astronauts in the Russian army Theatre in Moscow, called for the immediate create a new space ship.

In February, the Manager said that the “Federation” created the bottom.

In December 2019, RIA Novosti, citing a source, reported that “eagle” was peretyagina, resulting in launching heavy rocket of the Angara family aircraft will not fly to the moon.

On the “Federation” in Rocket-space Corporation “Energy” work since 2009. The ship was planned to create in two variants — for missions in earth orbit and to the moon. Subsequently, it was decided to continue to use for the first case, the ships of the family “Union” and “eagle” to create exclusively for missions to Earth’s satellite. This ship has never flown.