Ronaldo temporarily turns your hotels in free hospital

Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo who for the Italian club Juventus, will convert their hotels to hospitals to combat the spread of coronavirus.

In 2016 forward, he opened a chain of hotels in Portugal, located in his hometown of Funchal and Lisbon.

According to the newspaper Marca, the hospital will be free for local residents, and Ronaldo is planning themselves to pay a salary to all health workers.

Previously teammate Ronaldo Daniele Abuse identified coronavirus, after which the Turin club was quarantined. The championship of Italy on football was suspended until 3 April due to the spread of the new virus.

???? Los hoteles de CR7 en Portugal se they will become your greatest en hospitales que podrán ser usados de forma gratuita
???? El futbolista de la Juventus ha comunicado que él pagará a los médicos y trabajadores

— MARCA (@marca) March 14, 2020