Surprisingly, the former Brazilian football star Ronaldinho has been released from prison in Paraguay in the the house arrest. Against the payment of a Deposit in the amount of $ 1.6 million (1.47 million euros) were able to leave the two-time world footballer and world champion in 2002, and his brother and Manager, Roberto Assis, the prison on Tuesday as the public Prosecutor’s office announced. The other method you can wait now in a Hotel in the capital city of Asunción. Ronaldinho and Roberto are under the supervision of the police and not allowed to leave the country. Reuters/Jorge Saenz/AP/dpa Because of entering the country with fake passports Ronaldinho has been sitting for almost 30 days in jail in Paraguay. Now the Ex has been fired the player against the payment of $ 1.6 million in house arrest.

The Brazilian Portal “Globoesporte” reported that the defense wants to reach the final release. In the case of a conviction of five years in prison. Ronaldinho had just 30 days to eat because of the immigration to Paraguay with fake passports, which he and his brother have been according to information by business partners as a gift. In the neighboring country they wanted to participate in the opening of a casino and several charity events as well as advertising for the the biography of Ronaldinho to make.

Ronaldinho celebrated his 40. Birthday in detention

at First, it looked like the Posse of Asunción would be over quickly. However, the case drew wide-took-ranging investigation, with many of the to. The Ex-Barça is a professional committed to his 40. Birthday in detention. It is also because of the Corona-crisis, it appears as if only once with no prospect of release. On Tuesday, it arrived in Asunción on Video, but to a hearing. Ronaldinho and Roberto were switched on.

their lawyers had already failed three times in trying to get the brothers out of prison. As is clear from the recent statement of the Prosecutor’s office shows, was that this time it worked, the amount of the offered Deposit is crucial. “Previously you have given as security a house that is not even on the names of the two delivery”, was the state cites lawyer Oscar Legal after the hearing. “Now the defence has opened a Bank account in the name of the two, and the money deposited.”

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