Many a Grandfather is building for the grandson of a doll’s house. Not so Peter Baumann. With his grandchildren Kevin Götz (29) from Wängi TG and Fabian Müller (29) from Wattwil SG he built in the workshop of his farm for a mini-mansion on wheels. Was supported by the Trio of uncle Rolf Baumann and numerous friends. “Our grandfather has worked with a lot of heart blood and passion to our project. All the welding he has taken over,” says the civil engineer Kevin Goetz, in an Interview with LOOK.

The idea of a mini-Villa, or, more precisely, for a mobile hotel room, had the psychology student Fabian Müller: “A colleague told me about an Airbnb in the style of a Tiny House in France, and I developed the idea further to a Mini-hotel room with a changing location.”

He was able to inspire his Cousin for his idea, and together they have made the project finally, your grandpa and uncle tasty. The plans Kevin and Fabian have made to have the project started in March 2017.

in addition to the studies and the work of Fabian Müller and Kevin Götz were until the summer of 2018, approximately a day per week on the farm of your grandpa’s and have worked together on their mini mansion. “I think our grandfather had also pleasure in the fact that he was able to build together with us the mini Villa and we are very grateful for that. Without the support of family, friends and sponsors, we couldn’t have done it,” says Götz.

Mietbares Tiny-House without a kitchen

About 30’000 Swiss francs have been invested in the two young men for your mobile hotel room. Not your working hours and the time from Relatives and friends is attributed to. The money, the house Builder for materials and Work that had to be carried out by external experts required. For example, the sanitary and electrical installations.

The hotel rooms on wheels-hearted 17 square metres in size. “The mini Villa is actually the same as a Tiny House. A mini house on wheels, only without a kitchen,” explains Fabian Müller. It was deliberately omitted, so that the interior remains spacious. Refrigerator, coffee maker and kettle are available. In front of the Mini-house there is a small terrace in the interior a tasteful living room with wood-burning fireplace for cool evenings is a luxurious shower room with toilet and a double bed.

part of the concept of two young entrepreneurs, it is that the mobile hotel room can be set up in an idyllic place such as on a farm or in the mountains for several weeks, and the guests of the hosts to get the Breakfast served.

mini Villa at the trout lake is very good

booked A suitable location for your mini hotel rooms, Fabian Müller has been found on the trout lake in the Bernese Oberland in the case of Daniel Müller. “The project of the two students I found great, and the chemistry fit between us. The mini hotel room fits perfectly to our concept,” says the restaurateur, Daniel Müller.

in the Midst of nature on trout lake, the stylish mini Villa for overnight Stays since the beginning of the year, in addition to five Holziglus available. Daniel Müller and his Team are responsible for the culinary enjoyment of the guests in the mobile hotel room charge. The Breakfast is served in a basket on the terrace by the lake.

The extraordinary offer is very good. “From young to old, the mini hotel room will be booked and often,” says Müller. Especially for wedding couples and wedding companies, it is popular. On a small island in the lake can even be married.

Open for new mini Villa projects

Until November, and the mini Villa is located on trout lake. Where the next location will be, is currently unclear. The two men have earned nothing and continue to work in their Jobs. For the time being, all of the profit generated by the rental will be Hiking back to the savings account in order that you have covered your outlay. “Our plans and contacts, we provide the Interested public on request and would be delighted to have more mini Villa projects.”