Now, a lot of people are working from home, chances are good that your partner, all of a sudden you kantoorgenoot it is now. How do you like all those weeks of fun?

Together, at the table in the kitchen sounds really nice and romantic, but what if you are forced to do so, is by the new corona virus?

Twitter is a wealth of stories to tell. Fighting to mouse, the loud ringing of partners and your spouse, who suddenly is just as it appears to act the part of that one annoying co-worker. How do you keep it fun, if you have three weeks on a crowded channel?

‘don’t Say everything you think”. < / p> Marjolein Engbers would be on communication. She counsels couples who, together, have a business to run. “It’s the quality of your communication determines the quality of the thuiswerkperiode.”

now, that doesn’t mean That you have anything that you think you need to say to you. “If you explode over the fact that your partner is a hard call, you might be a lot quieter, but the power is there, not less.”

“You’ll see your partner in a different light, and that it may also be the pull back trigger”

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instead, it is important to be clear as to what you desire. “What do you think, is the behavior of your partner, I don’t have any then ask yourself where that came from.”

finally, It is important for you to know what you would like your working day to format, it says advanced training in relational matters, My Stock. “Are you the two hours of concentrated you’ll need it. You can in the morning or in the afternoon is better to concentrate?” Because of this, with each other, and can you imagine a better performance. And she warns you: you can do it in a moment of peace and quiet. “At the time that you have been annoyed, but it can soon escalate.”

“a Storm, not just with the message that there is a free gift, bought and / or flowers be sent.”

Martin Engbers ‘did Not finish did not make sense’

this happens a lot more with your partner than with a friend. “With colleagues, think of you so often, I leave it for the moment. With your partner, as you say faster, what will you irritate the skin, which, in this type of situation are not always the right decision.”Her advice? “Give each other some space, but be sure to be back. You’re just three weeks in each other’s lips, it didn’t make sense to not have to talk.’

expectations Are managed, it is, according to Engbers is good to be clear as to where and how you can work and for how long you do it. It is also important to remember that if you are relying on each other to do so.

“a Storm, not just with the message that there is a free gift, bought and / or flowers be sent.” The things that the other is usually via WhatsApp, you can answer it when it comes out, it at the wrong time will be required.
‘finish off the day with the ritual’

At the end of the day, advocates Engbers to be a rite of passage. “Go and shower together, going for a walk. Normally, you go in the car, now you are just something else that will get you working day and shut it down.”

the Species is emphasized, moreover, that in three weeks, including a boost to your relationship. “You get to see your partner in a different light, it could also appeal again to spark between the two of you. Look for the link in this time of crisis, it might bring you closer to each other.”