the New head of government, according to local sources, he graduated from MGIMO and Academy of management. In working career of the new head of specified work in the Secretariat of the security Council, the Prosecutor General, the Belarusian President’s administration. Golovchenko was in the diplomatic service, and from 2018 to the present day, headed goskomvoenprom.

the Grounds on the eve of its personnel decision, the President of Belarus at a meeting to discuss the new government stated that he had discussed with Sergei Rumas his resignation.

“Great I have to claim it, but people want to do business. He told me straight: I want to do business, want to earn money, a lot of money I can earn,” – said the President, adding that he welcomed the desire Rumasa and hopes that he will not go “out of the country and take the money, he will put them here in the economy”.