The Colosseum is a Must on every class trip to Rome. It’s early Tuesday evening. A school group from Luzern, approaching the famous construction of the ancient world.

in Front of the entrance men in Gladiator costume. A photo with the handsome Roman legionaries would be a super gift, think of a 17-year-old��students. Five Euro the Fun.

80 Euro will disappear in the red tunic

But just as the Boy pulls out the wallet, pulls him to a Gladiator, secretly, all of the Bills out of the wallet. 80 Euro will disappear in a pocket of the red tunic! The teacher will be accompanied by your friend. Sees the theft, and raises the Alarm. Immediately, officials from the nearby police station of San Lorenzo on the pitch. Two gladiators hit. The third, the thief, but can’t make the finish in time.

he Quickly returns to the student 20 Euro. The other 60 had put his buddies, lying to the 26-Year-old cocky. However, a body search brings a 50-Euro bill and a 10 Euro note to the fore. The Romans should be removed. He smells of alcohol, resisted arrest and shouted at the police officers.

Begging is forbidden

The Begging from tourists at the Coliseum is prohibited – even if you are wearing a breastplate, Bracers and a gorgeous feather helmet. Against the Gladiator will now be determined because of theft and resisting state violence.

the Romans may be glad to live in the time of his costume. Then he would have been accused of in the Coliseum to the lions.