announced As the Matterhorn-Gotthard-Bahn (MGB), on Friday, the car the art exhibition until 13. May regional trains between Andermatt and Visp/Brig and then to those between Fiesch-Brig/Visp and Zermatt coupled.

the works of Gina-Maria Schmid, holder, Roman Perren, and Pedro Rodrigues. The artists dealt with the natural and human-induced changes in the Alps, informed the MGB.

The idea for an exhibition in the train of the artist Roman Perren, commutes with the MGB had. He had also organized the other two artists, said FMC spokesman Christoph Andereggen on request.

The MGB considered the art of the offer for the off-season a car as a good add-on. From a second-class, about rows of seats were car for the project is removed and the window attached.

The exhibited works take up themes from the Region, through the MGB drives. The artists, a cultural mediator and curative educator, Gina-Maria Studhalter designed pillow with flowers. The carpenter and self-taught Roman Perren processed with preference to wood from old Valais houses. Pedro Rodrigues works as a professional photographer, of him the image of the melting are to see the Rhone glacier.