Greta Thunberg has been extremely successful. With its haunting language she was 16-the figurehead of a global climate movement. However, their research is the nature of the climate-activist provides for red heads at their opponents. Again and again she is insulted in the Internet the Extreme.

Now ranked also Rolf Knie (70) to their opponents. The painter quipped yesterday with a sarcastically written Post on Facebook against Thunberg. “A brush for Greta stupid mountain”, the Musical producer of his Writing. “Now Red alert” or “alert Green “there”. Therefore, I take the first step and pins are my most valuable brush (it’s not a simpleton) to Greta. So you can pollinate the flowers around the globe and mankind before the fall to save.”

Greta as a school schwänzerin

From the further words of the knee is to read, that he sees their activism solely on the fact that you animated tails to the school: “Finally, Greta has proved that it needs no education to save the world.” Finally, he repeated a game of his word and referred to Thunberg again as “Greta stupid mountain.”

But with his attack on the youth model of the knee is not only friends. On the contrary, A glance at the comments shows that many find that its criticism was an own goal. “A little too firmly on the brush cleaner, sniffed, or what is exactly your Problem, Mr. knee?”, ask, for example, a user.

It is often criticized for his opinion, but above all his choice of words. “I think absolutely that you can discuss Greta Thunberg – but not so”, say it about. Or: “it is reasonable To talk about the Acting of Greta Thunberg, but there is no reason to make fun of them. Who is doing this says a lot more about themselves than about you.”

For a painter, there’s even gloating of a prominent page. Viktor Giacobbo (67) referred to the Facebook-Post on Twitter as “awkward, stupid and self-indulgent”. The comedian this year, together with Mike Mueller with the Circus Knie on Tour. With Rolf Knie his commitment I do, however, is not to: “Small note: Rolf Knie has to do with the circus Show nothing, and not wanted to look at them at present.”

the knee itself was not accessible for VIEW for the time being. (klm)