The SVP searches for the highest Swiss. This is because the Bündner Nationalrat Heinz Brand (64) was voted out of office. As the second Vice-President, he would have been after the FDP-Mrs Isabelle Moret (48) in 2021, President of the national Council. Now the SVP has to look within its ranks for a replacement.

And this is not easy: Because the first “learning year” as the second Vice-President must skip the Brand replacement, and in December, the same as the first Vice President to start. In order to guarantee that this will work as smoothly as possible, it would be better for the SVP, someone to propose, the experience of the national Council of management.

“imagine the office”

As a logical candidate for SVP national councillor Roland Rino Büchel (54) therefore applies. The five languages of St. Gallen sits as a tellers in eight years in the office of the national Council, i.e. the governing body of the Committee. On request, Büchel, wants for his Canton into the Stöckli says: “I kandiere to the St. Gallen Council of States. I am confident that the on 17. November works.” To confirm then: “But Yes, because I’m the office of a member would be the national Council of the Bureau is the logical consequence. I could imagine as President.”

the SVP is also in the national Council office Büchel party girlfriend Yvette estermann (52). She says on the VIEW question: “I have not thought of that. I let me now go through your head.” A heart’s desire the office of estermann was not yet so.

The SVP-group is expected at the session of 22. 23. November to determine who they propose at the beginning of December for election as first Vice-President of the national Council.

Two strong opponents for the Stöckli

The Rhine valley Büchel in ständrat election campaign against the incumbent of St. Gallen Ständeräte Paul Rechsteiner (67, SP) and Benedikt Würth (51, CVP). While on the right sits a since 1986 in Parliament, the former member of the cantonal government Würth is only at 19. May of this year, Stöckli selected.

In the first ballot for the Stöckli Würth came to a little more than 70’000 votes. The former trade Union boss Rechsteiner was not quite 65’000 votes. Büchel was nearly 46’000 votes in third place. The FDP national councillor Marcel Dobler (39), which was a good 30’000 votes in fourth place, has withdrawn in favour of Büchel’s back.