“is all okay, plays pretty well on clay,” laughs Roger Federer ironically, after the victory over Wawrinka and the in the semi-finals in Paris on his next opponent, Rafael Nadal. Then he is again more serious: “One reason why I’ve returned, is sure to Rafa. Voilà!”

The giants duel. The eternal rivals meet for the 39th time. Time (15 victories for Roger, 23 for Rafa). But Federer will be back for him again to Paris, don’t want Nadal to have come true. “I don’t think that’s true,” says the eleven times Roland Garros Champion dry.

on Monday, 33-year-old made Mallorcan else is comrade actually a nice, friendly time. ‘He’s probably just not declare war on him proper adversary of his Mission, to distract. The is – as always in the last two decades: sand king!

“the main thing is the semi-final, no matter against whom,”

“For me, is not the main thing that I’m in the semi-final, against whom,” said Nadal. Then he realizes that he can’t dismiss the Friday-Affiche against Federer, however, is quite normal. “That I’m seeing now on Roger, of course, is an Extra. We had the most important moments of our careers against each other – it is very special for us.”

And as Federer goes into the Monster semi-final? “I have to Game my Plan to rigorously pursue,” says Roger. “And I need to be aware of who is my opponent. He is not only the Best on the Sand – this has shown to all, no matter what had happened in Madrid or Rome. And he is left-handed – that changes everything. Well, I have two days to prepare. I’m going to engage without fear in this Spin-balls that jump in entirely new directions. It never feels natural to play against a Leftie. I used to hate it, now I love this challenge!”

“can believe Anything happen,”

That he is back in the duel with Nadal, takes him but nothing from the optimism: “You have to against any player because you can do it. There is always a Chance. Perhaps because of the Wind, the rain, because he is sick, or you’re playing incredibly well. Anything can happen. I am really looking forward to Rafa! When I enrolled here, I was hoping for that to happen. If you’re hoping to avoid it, you won’t have the tournament report.”

What is the retired Stan Wawrinka to the duel Federer-Nadal says, you can learn here!

From a Swiss perspective, this quarter-final is a Win-Win Situation. A creates it in Roland Garros and again in the final Four – that alone is another Swiss Tennis Sensation. Because Roger Federer was in 2015 for the last Time here, had swept the sandy for four years, the back. And Stan Wawrinka is only since a few months back to close the Old one, charged to be twice put the old knee here to the extreme.

a Pity only, that one of the two Swiss sand hares, which are not also in the favor of the Paris far behind the native French (if at all), need to get back in the building. There are plenty of reasons, both Federer to Wawrinka the victory. Who does not cherishes for personal reasons, a clear sympathy for one of the two one-time French Open winner, feels impartial: Should the best man win.

This is yesterday to the 23. Times By Federer. The fine blade has tricked the brunt of the bile’s big once again. Probably because she is still sanded a little fresher. And after the first compassion for the failed Marathon-Stan, there is increasing certainty that the Right has won.

Roger writes in the Here and Now, the even more beautiful story. The 37-Year-old will return often to the His is unlikely. It is possible that this is even his farewell performance here. Since one of its major goals, because of which he took the effort of a clay season, is now reached: once more he can claim king of clay Rafael Nadal in the Empire out.

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