General Director of the Russian space Agency, Dmitry Rogozin will attend the Baikonur during the launch of the carrier rocket "Soyuz-2.1 a" cargo ship "Progress MS-15". This was reported TASS the press service of Roscosmos.

"Rogozin will attend the launch of "Progress MS-15" – said the press service.

The start is scheduled for 17:26 GMT on 23 July. The rocket will orbit the cargo ship "Progress MS-15", which ISS going supplies of fuel, water and gases, as well as livelihoods and stacking for space experiments.

The launch will be taking place against the background of the pandemic coronavirus. Previously, Roskosmos reported that as of July 10, at Baikonur there are no cases of infection of a new infection. At the same time in the same city as of July 21, recorded 712 cases of infection with coronavirus. In hospital there are 236 people released – 258.

In late June, the special flight of the Russian space Agency was carrying five employees of the Agency to Baikonur to help in the fight against coronavirus. At the same time in the city of Baikonur was delivered five of the ventilator, 2 thousand sets of personal protective equipment and necessary medicines. July 10, a special flight was sent to 14 experts, who brought four of the ventilator, 10 extra beds, x-ray machine, 10 oxygen concentrators, medical 10 monitors, 6 thousand sets of personal protective equipment.