SVP-Nationalrat and ständerat candidate Roger Köppel (54) is in an election mode. For weeks, the “world week”-editor-in-chief toured the Canton of Zurich, has own Caps manufacture and fire Twitter salvos. Even Hudelwetter and a Sunday train journey, he tries to make political capital – although the Latter is currently causing plenty of head-shaking.

he released yesterday afternoon via Twitter, the photo of an empty display in a SBB-train, on the normally, the next stop is displayed. For Köppel what is right, or who is responsible for: “miss management and migration-related Congestion to inform of our once glorious Federal Railways is based,” the SVP-politicians.

Mike Müller mocks

foreigners are not to blame, if the train has a digital display does not work? Since the most jaded Köppel-critic, self-Amazed. Comedian Mike Müller (55) mocks tracks: “Our once glorious Covenant – as the display panels in stainless steel from Krupp were and the heater on the locomotive looked like a Migrant from sub-Saharan Africa.”

“The causal chain would you briefly explain” asks another User. “”Migration of the SBB can wait due to no Displays more” – emigrated to the good technicians because of the unpleasant mood in the country?”

SVP wants to SBB to Save force

Perhaps, one can speculate further, had the SBB staff is also simply no time to take care of the Problem – or rather problems–. Keyword: Pressure. It is, of all things, the SVP, the want the SBB buckle the belt even tighter. In a position paper on transport policy presented by the party in may, the party the claim that the SBB will be economic and less cross-subsidies should be given. Instead, more money should be invested in the Expansion of the highways.

A request that it should reconsider the SVP once more. When driving a car you can finally, in contrast to the trains, very bad tweet. (lha)