Roger Federer’s estimated net worth is about 400 million Swiss francs. Because you can treat yourself to four-times the father will Stay a beautiful. Residence in Valbella, a second home in Dubai. And then a nearly 6000 square meters large plot of land of most magnificent location in herrliberg at the lake of Zurich (ZH). Submitted to the 37 reported-Year-old still in the project, but in Rapperswil-Jona, the “Zürichsee-Zeitung” on Wednesday.

at Least have the Tennis God in the Kemp, Ratner, Bay, a 16,000-square-meter parcel of land purchased with direct Lake access. The estimated price of land alone: Between 40 and 50 million Swiss francs! In the surroundings, it is regarded as open secret that Federer is behind it.

The Details of the project and the cementing of those assumptions: a team of architects from the USA and South Africa have taken up the cause. South Africa – the country of birth of his mother, Lynette. “From the plans was also seen that in the outer area of a tennis court, as well as an inside sports infrastructure” are provided, the sheet further.

in terms of taxes, is Rapperswil-Jona is a lucrative place of residence. And for Federer, the city would roll out at the lake of Zurich is probably the red carpet. The official Bodies of Rapperswil-Jona practice, meanwhile, in Silence. (red)