in Roeselare is in acute financial difficulties. The players were seen in January may not be paid, and, if the Chinese owner, Xiu Li, and Dai is not a quick and with the 4 million, over the bridge, there is a risk for the club, in addition to a license for a 1B to the act. A Midlands-the scenario takes place.

at KSV Roeselare in september is one week to go bankrupt due to an unpaid restaurant bill in order. The ondernemingsrechtbank of Kortrijk, which went to the decision when it became clear that the club have enough money in the account, and all amounts payable have been paid. However, six months later, once again there is a big shortage. If there is no new money will be matched by the Chinese owner, Xiu, Li and Dai, a gift to the club, in addition to a license for professional football, with all the consequences for the club, the staff and the young player.

The players were not paid since January, and the rest of the staff are still waiting for their share of the reward. The Brazilian CEO of Roeselare, Marco Manso, is in contact with the Chinese client, but for a long time with no news. The club has been dependent on the goodwill of the Xiu, Li and Dai, which in Roeselare all of last season and wanted to sell it. The Former Manso, came on board in an attempt to bring the club to sell it to a Brazilian investor, in keeping with the French ex-football player Mickaël Silvestre. But the sale did not go through, and since then it has been waiting for fresh money from China.

The license manager, the football association gave the Roeselare have a negative opinion to 1B. In concrete terms, he expects there will be four million euros in an account that comes out of the force for the next season to be able to guarantee it. The annual budget of Roeselare is just 7 million euros, of which more than half of them are from China.

now, Xiu, Li and Dai (for the divorce Xiu Li Hawken is a wealthy Chinese woman, who is in the area of London and live in the Uk resembled a Reading of possession. In view of the current coronacrisis, according to insiders, the little bit of hope that they still have a lot of money for the Roeselare on the bridge, or a potential new buyer will be found.

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