Now all the materials “Document of Victory”, which are duly a few months in the archives and the mission worked as observers and reporters of “homeland,” available online.

And on Sunday at the book festival “Red square” about the iconic materials one of the leading historians of Russia, a military observer of the “Motherland”, the candidate of historical Sciences Andrey Smirnov.

“the Documents of the Victory” – is “Order”, “Grocery card”, “Letter”, “Funerals” and the final cycle of the “Premium list”. Strict, official document. But its main section with a short description of the feat was written, as the poet Boris Slutsky, “a syllable is simple and alive.”

a Special application of the “Motherland” is not only documents, but also the stories of the people, rare photos, memories, quotes, myths debunked and surprising opinions about the events of the great Patriotic war.

Social distance, the precautions and the “Document of Victory”.

Presented our flagship project at the festival “Red square” on the eve of #of Predpovedi, which will be held here in a few days. In June of 1945.

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