He has not done it again: 1400 votes have been wanting Roberto Martullo (57) yesterday for collection in the Zurich cantonal Parliament. The businessman was a candidate in the district of miles for the people’s party.

Half so tragic, you could say. So like him, it was finally the hundreds. But Martullo is not some SVP-candidate – but the son-in-law of SVP Godfather Christoph Blocher (78), married to his daughter Magdalena Martullo-Blocher (49), SVP Vice-President and national councillor.

While it is his wife, the successful Ems-Chemie-Head, as a lateral entrant, made the first attempt in the national Council, and the father-in-law of one of the most well-known Swiss politician, it will not work with Martullos political career. Three Times already he has taken calls on the cantonal Parliament – three Times he has failed.

Also the double name did not help

Blochers has son-in-law a lot of trying: in 2011, as Martullo started, he tested the 2015 Kantonsrats feeder with a double name-in the hope that the popularity of the father – in-law Shine on him. In addition, he back flipped about 30’000 Swiss francs for a 30 square meters large election poster of the main artery of the gold coast. For more than rank 8 and that was not enough, however.

Two calls to an office in the local school care also failed. The highest political office, the held Martullo so far, was that of the SVP-ortspräs identical. But even here, Kam to a mere: 2013 Martullo was forced to resign after three years because of internal squabbles. He had argued, among other things, to the public for the rip-off Initiative – and against his father-in-law.

in Addition, Martullo managed to not only content, but also with his kind of party-internal opponents. The son of Italian guest-workers was very temperamental, reported Familiar in the past. Martullo love the confrontation, the contradiction will not be tolerated.

the fight against tax increases made him known

But even without a political office Martullo and white to set the public political scene. He was far above the lake of Zurich, made headlines when he defended himself with hands and feet against a tax increase in miles.

Once Martullo announced at the decisive town meeting out of the blue a multi-million dollar Payment, one time, he wagged a lot of speaking with his wallet, the “be thinner”. The third Time, however, the Assembly last December, helped all nothing more: Martullo lost. Again.