In the Belgian camp, the response to the establishment of the euro has been unanimous. According to the head coach, Roberto Martinez and CEO Peter Bossaert, it is the decision of the union to be the only logical solution.

Roberto Martinez’s reaction to the postponement of the european football CHAMPIONSHIP, in a press release: “Since the world cup in 2018, we’ve been working hard to make the european CHAMPIONSHIPS of 2020, in the best possible way to prepare for it. However, this is a case of force majeure. We all must be united in order for this virus to be overcome. The Red Devils have always been a very inspiring and unifying force, and they want to make it clear that we are all together in this situation, you will have to overcome it by being aware of our social responsibility,” said the head coach of the Red Devils.

“We have to support and understand the decision to make it in these tough times, their priority in the field of public health. As you know, our health is not threatened, we could be in June 2021, along with all of Belgium, and enjoy a historic first European Championship.”

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Peter Bossaert, CEO of the royal belgian football association, has a term for it, the decision of the union: “It is good that this decision was made so quickly. It is the only logical and correct decision. The european CHAMPIONSHIPS in June to allow them to continue, it would not be justified, it just can’t. It is good to see that UEFA’s priority is to do something about the completion of the national leagues,” according to Bossaert.

“We can now start to re-scheduling of national competitions, where the most tension is on it, and of course, most of the time, the Red Devils, and the Red Flames of the national to get. But, most of all, we focus on the well-being of our employees, staff, students and supporters. We will only re-start when all of the health risks associated with the job.”

Video: the Royal Belgian Football association.

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