Robert Pattinson was named the most handsome man

Renowned plastic surgeon Julian De Silva conducted a study designed to identify the owner of the most attractive faces. In his work he was guided by the principle of the Golden section and came to the conclusion that the owner of the most beautiful faces 33 – year-old actor Robert Pattinson.

according to the Daily Mail, De Silva compared the facial features of famous actors and found out that from the point of view of the proportions of the face Pattinson was the closest to the ideal.

“the Latest computer technology has allowed us to reveal some secrets about what makes a person physically attractive. This technology will be useful when planning plastic surgery,” – said the surgeon.

According to De Silva, Pattinson is the absolute leader in its rating. The only feature of the actor which is “not up” to the ideal – it’s the lips, “a few thin and flat.”

In second place in the list of De Silva was the star of the series “the Witcher” Henry Cavill. Followed by Bradley Cooper. Fourth place went to brad pitt, and rounded out the top five George Clooney. Also on the list were actor Hugh Jackman, footballer David Beckham and rapper Kanye West.