Ralf Beyeler (40) of the money of the country.ch observed and analyzed the Telecom market for over 20 years. He knows that it is Still for consumers is difficult to use mobile phone tariffs. Even more difficult it gets with all the options for Roaming, Including subscriptions, data packages, options, VIEW reported in the large Roaming Report.

But no matter which subscription finally, there are certainly ways to keep yourself out of Trouble at the use of Mobile telephony in the holidays. Here, the expert reveals his key tips and Tricks for the use of mobile phones abroad.

to start using the Internet Who is not busy before the holiday with the topic of Roaming, you can still experience some nasty Surprises. This is the case both in Europe as well as in exotic destinations.

data packages

The first data packets you can buy in Switzerland. It is usually more cost-effective, a suitable subscription to the service needs in Switzerland with add-on packages to upgrade, than to solve an expensive All-inclusive subscription.

No Streaming, no Updates

consume While 1000 Whatsapp text messages, only around 1 MB of data, an hour of Video Streaming quickly several GB. For Updates, Netflix, Youtube, Spotify and co. should take advantage of the Hotel’s Wi-Fi. Many Streaming services have an Offline mode, where you can to download already home for the holidays Videos or music. By the way: Also routes Apps often provide the ability to use maps in advance to save.

Combox off

When a Voicemail answered the phone, threatens to call ping-pong with forwarding and interception. So you paid perhaps triple.

phone alternatives use

Also on Social Media channels like Whatsapp or Facebook, you can call someone. In the Wi-Fi is free of charge, so you can use safely the video telephony function.

turning Wi-Fi on

Also saves you roaming costs if you use in the holidays where possible, the Wi-Fi. In the Hotel as well as in Restaurants and cafes.

Local SIM buy

Who is no longer traveling to destinations, where Roaming is very expensive, as an Alternative, a Prepaid SIM card from a local provider to get. The good about the second SIM card Slot to use that many Smartphones have. Or you can buy a small Router that builds on the SIM-card, a special holiday Wi-Fi. By the way: SIM cards from the EU since recently, in all EU countries without roaming costs.