In some regions the building and repair of roads are performed on schedule and even ahead of it (over 80%). This is Moscow, Leningrad, Penza, Tver, Voronezh, Volgograd region, Adygea and Udmurtia.

But in some subjects, the Ministry of transport notes the low percentage of paving (less than 20%). Among the Laggards – Kamchatka and the TRANS-Baikal territory, the Republic of Crimea and of Sakha (Yakutia), Yamalo-Nenets and Nenets Autonomous district, the Amur and Magadan region.

the Total area of the laying of asphalt concrete and other types of coverage in the subjects-participants of the national project was 66.9 million sq m 55,85 % of the total works of the year, said the Ministry. In the whole country, the cash execution is at the moment is 101,1 billion (40.5 per cent).

“the achievement of the annual values of the national project is not a concern, as the work of contractors upon completion of production activities and the adoption of the works by the customer mainly at the end of the calendar year”, – noted in the Ministry of transport.

it is Noted that the low current performance of individual subjects will not affect the results of the project as a whole. In addition, thanks to the effective implementation of the national project, some regions will receive from the Federal budget additional funds to repair roads and will be able to surpass the targets. Thus, the orders of the government of Russia of 39.8 billion roubles have already been allocated 55 subjects. An additional 4.9 billion rubles will be brought to regions in the near future.