fluid focus currently employs in Zurich eight employees. This will also be employed after the Acquisition, which is retroactive to the beginning of 2019, more. Also, the previous managing Director Leif Langenskiöld remains on Board, as is clear from the media release of Tuesday’s show.

Rivella wants to expand with the Acquisition of its Position in the Swiss beverages market and, in particular, in the category of the so-called vitamin water a foothold. “With a Focus on Water, we get an up and coming Swiss Lifestyle brand with great growth prospects in our Portfolio,” is Rivella-head Erland Brügger quoted in the Communiqué.

For Leif Langenskiöld of fluid focus that comes along with the tradition-rich drinks manufacturer just at the right time: “Big growth and the merger with Rivella, this can be financially and structurally better managed,” said Langenskiöld at the request of the news Agency AWP.

With the purchase of fluid focus Rivella is the beverage brand to Focus Water, you get obviously additional know-how in product development and marketing in-house. On the Homepage of fluid focus describes itself as a company that is specialized in the development of beverages and beverage brands and their marketing and distribution. Founder of the company, Langenskiöld was once a long time for Red Bull. In addition to Focus Water the brand Vitea belongs to the company.

In the case of Rivella you don’t want to change at fluid focus, at least for the time being, a lot of. “Focus Water to write with its current structure from the current location from its success story,” said Rivella-in-chief of Bruges. Under the umbrella of Rivella but additional growth will be possible. In the medium term, you will be in a second priority, then certainly synergies through the Acquisition possible, eye.