Election rally-concert in support of the candidate in presidents of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovski gathered a record number of Belarusians. In the Metropolitan Park of Friendship of peoples, where 30 Jul hosted the event, came not less than 63 thousand people.

Such data are cited by the human rights center “Spring”. At the rally, people were holding and the current red-green national flags of Belarus and of the historical white-red-white.

We don’t need revolution, we don’t need fighters, we want change through peaceful means, said Tikhanovski from the podium.

She turned to the military, urging them not to see criminals Belarusians, “who want alternative candidates”.

During the event, fixed a big problem with mobile phones. To choose the President of Belarus will be on 9 August.

Earlier reported that Svetlana Tikhanovski said she believes the situation with the detention of soldiers of the Russian PMC Wagner and specifying their relationship to her husband, a blogger Sergei Tikhanovski, “very very scary”. With this statement she made at a rally in Minsk. Her performance was accompanied by cheers from participants.