It was during a walk in the Sovlvær that Rita Elin Holst noticed værfenomenet.

the Moon had adorned himself with a large ring around him.

I often use to see in the sky when I’m out and go ride. I have seen this in the past, but never that ring has been so great. The former has the ring been closer to the moon, ” says Holst.

Rita Elin Holst of Svolvær took the picture of the værfenomenet.

Photo: Private

She has heard from older people that this is a weather phenomenon that means that it comes with a weather changes.

And it matches pretty good when we look at the weather, how the weather will be for the next few days.

Expert: This is the phenomenon of the

Fagsjef by the Norwegian space centre, Pål Brekke, can confirm that værfenomenet indicates a weather changes.

Haloen, as we call it, has been used to notify about the characters that it comes a weather changes. But this is really a meteorological phenomenon that is high up in the atmosphere, and as sometimes happens, ” says Brekke.

Pål Brekke at the Norwegian space centre.

Photo: Hilde Bjørnskau / NRK

the Phenomenon is not so unusual, ” he explains.

A halo is not very unusual, but it depends on the conditions in our atmosphere.

– But how do really this ring?

the Light from the moon shines down on our atmosphere. Also, there is a very thin layers of cloud high up in the atmosphere, which breaks the light back down towards you which is observasjonspunkt.

It is when we get this great ring around the moon, ” explains Brekke.

Værskiftet could not have been more appropriate. From Sunday evening, notified to it up to full storm from the coast of trøndelag to Troms .

the Word halo is also Greek and means a circle.

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Also, the on-duty meteorologist Kristen Gislefoss have seen the ring around the moon several times.

– It is after sunset that one will see this. It is the sun shining on the moon, and the light that is sent out once again spread.

Statsmeteorolog Kristen Gislefoss.

Photo: Kaland, Ole / NRK

– It might be an indication that there is precipitation at the time. You can see it when it is the moon, and the thin clouds ahead of a nedbørsområde.

Gislefoss now know that the south was often said that there would be snow.

But are you going to get with you phenomenon it must be dark outside ” says the meteorologist.

– It will be visible after sunset. You will not be able to see this when the sun is up.

Photo: Rita Elin Holst