it is one of the internationally acclaimed sizes of the pop scene. On the last weekend of June, Rita Ora (28, “Le You Love Me”) on the Zurich Hardturm-Areal, Switzerland-bring Albanians to Freak out. As a guest star, she is the first Albanian Festival on the stage. This is understood as the first people-connecting Event for lovers of Kosovar and Albanian music, and has already the Ambition to be the largest of its kind in Europe.

their parents fled from Kosovo to London

Rita Ora was born in Pristina. When she was a year old, fled her parents to London, where she was big. But she is always aware of where it comes from. “My parents have taught me to be proud of my roots,” she says again and again in Interviews. For your positive Engagement, she was named 2015 honorary Ambassador of Kosovo.

Rita Ora, Zurich time, on the Üetliberg

in Addition to the 1.66-metre power woman, the Albanian hip-hop, R&B and Pop greats like Ledri Vula (32) Elvana Gjata (32) and Dhurata Dora (26).

Rita Ora is once again in Zurich. In her free time she loves to go on the Uetliberg for a walk, enjoy the fresh air, the praises you again and again. If you will be here to sing for the first time a Song in Albanian, is open.