On the one hand, the most potent corporations in the history of mankind. Facebook, 500 billion dollars. Google, 900 Billion.

On the other side: our children.

On the one hand, the gathered Knowledge from behavioral psychology and neuroscience. All of the answers to the question, how people can manipulate. The world’s best engineers and software developers on the Basis of this knowledge, the most compelling products on the market.

On the other side: our children, their natural curiosity, their need for recognition and belonging to a group.

On the one hand, the absolute will of the corporations, to bind the users. You spy using increasingly sophisticated technology. In this way, the data from them, to squeeze, to make even more money.

On the other side: those who were formerly our children. But now in Instagram-the Zombies have turned.

This week has praised Mark Zuckerberg improvement. At least in the privacy. “The future is private,” said the Facebook founder at the developer conference of its group (including the photo-platform Instagram). Unfortunately, only the husband has made in the past such a promise. And you always broken.

Zuckerberg can’t keep his word. His whole business model is based on the Skimming of personal data. The Websites of Facebook and Instagram are designed in such a way that they have high addiction potential and the visitors much to give much of himself. The Facebook group can sell, for each user, targeted advertising, and has the guarantee that it will also be observed.

Sarah Spiekermann has made a remarkable career. The 46-year-old German once worked for a Silicon Valley company. Today she is a Professor for business Informatics. Their students she teaches, how to add values in computer programs. Who developed the App for a Bicycle courier service, should not focus solely on efficiency and the fact that the messenger, without the detour reaches its destination. The App should give priority to the cure as well as the possibility to meet a common break and to have time for a chat with the customers.

In her recently published book with the title “Digital ethics” presented by Sarah Spiekermann up with a catchy Slogan, what it is about her. She says: “values in the technology, the new “organic”.”

What relates to the Social Media consumption of adolescents, does not help the Bio-thought alone. Sarah Spiekermann compares these platforms with alcoholic beverages. And children, the administration of alcohol is now forbidden even in principle. No matter how eco is a concoction.

What could this mean for the practice, shows that the UK data protection authority. In mid-April, published in the report, you go to work on those techniques, the young people tempted to spend too much time on Social Media and Private.

specifically, the British want to prohibit, for example, the “Like” button in Instagram and Facebook.