In Florida, wants to pump Nestlé per day to four million gallons of water from a natural Paradise. The precious liquid is to be filled in bottles and drinking water sold. In the opinion of environmentalists, the plans of the food Multinationals threaten the Ecosystem.

What’s it to Switzerland? Nestlé Nestlé.

In this globalised world, Nestlé is not only Nestlé but also Switzerland – a part of the global Swiss Reputation.

as well as Libra, the crypto-currency of Facebook, whose Headquarters will be based in Geneva.


Should Libra be an international Problem, the eyes of the critical world public opinion on Switzerland. Switzerland is also thought to problems of commodities giant Glencore with, as they give greater consideration to the problems of banks with Swiss home.

Yes, global companies have home. They call it location. The official Switzerland is talking about location. It operates a policy of on-site for as many companies from all over the world, located in Zug and Schwyz and Geneva and Zurich, where the fiscal or infrastructural conditions are the most attractive are.

Who can be capable and low-rich Alpine country, to make its branched business, who operates from Geneva or from Zurich from global, which always conveys the Image of Switzerland. The group is a part of Switzerland. A luminous part, if he geschäftet ethically, a darker part, if he is involved in dubious Affairs: reputation gain or loss of Reputation for the home location in Switzerland.

the Swiss policy aware of it? The corporate responsibility Initiative, was launched from this awareness. Who brings the be Do international into disrepute, to be taken in Switzerland to responsibility – the political content of the people’s desire.

Switzerland is like mafia sleeper a sought-after location. A relaxation room, where you live apparently, ge-are sitting, while your Clan-members are involved in foreign criminal activities. In addition, Switzerland is home to organisations such as Fifa, whose shady business called nature of American prosecutors on the Plan.

Swiss vigilance not to fall into the reputation of the complicity, as until recently, with the Bank secret.

vigilance required of the instruments. Probably the most important, the Federal Prosecutor, the Federal Prosecutor, so Michael Lauber, the man who has made with opaque procedure in the event that Fifa is impossible.

when a Federal Prosecutor is impossible? If he gambled his credibility: the confidence, his most important work, capital.

Because the Federal Prosecutor is not just a Prosecutor. He embodies the controlling, the credible, the trusted Switzerland.

Michael Lauber, to guarantee Swiss Reputation. He’s doing this? He got entangled in a maze of explanations of memory loss, of bossiness, of Auftrumpferei, of Politisiererei – a conduct that is contrary to the order of the Federal Prosecutor diametrically opposed.

The guard on the Swiss Reputation – a reputational risk for Switzerland.

A reputation damage, if he is re-elected.