The Swiss import started your with the second-best January in six years, in the car 2019 – almost 21’000 vehicles were newly registered. A literal lightning start cars made with alternative drive: 434-selling electric cars were registered in January 2019 and 77 per cent more electricity than in the same month last year. Also, cars with hybrid drive were able to increase their market share significantly. This is because, in addition to full hybrids such as the Toyota Prius and Plug-in hybrids like the Mitsubishi Outlander new, so-called mild hybrid, the electric drive only to support the internal combustion engine is used, in which statistics are recorded. Hybrid vehicles accounted for in the first month of the year, 6.1 percent of all new registrations last year was in January at 4.3 percent. Together, the Alternative accounted for 8.2 percent of the market.

plug-in cars have to put

This is good news for the Swiss importers Association Auto Schweiz, the vehicles is now a significant increase in so-called Plug-in (E-cars and Plug-in Hybrid) to 2019 predicts. The wish is father to the thought: to meet the 2020, stricter emission regulations, to account for these plug-in cars in the year 2020, ten percent of the new car market, otherwise millions of buses (LOOK reported) threaten the importers. Car, Switzerland has, however, good reasons for optimism: “In the course of the year, very many voltage come charged new products of various brands to dealers,” says spokesman Christoph Wolnik.

E-cars in all classes,

, In fact, will be the range of E – and hybrid cars is never as large as 2019. Audi currently drive the production of the E-Tron high -, Tesla Model 3 is also now available in the Showrooms. Kia E-Niro starts in the spring, to coincide with Lexus’ Hybrid SUV UX, and Toyota’s new edition of the Corolla as a Hybrid. Mini with an E-Version of the Fifth��insurer, DS with the DS 3 cross back, and Opel, the new Corsa will go in the autumn electric at the Start. Then also Mercedes’ first Stromer-SUV, the EQC rolled out to the dealers, and sports subsidiary AMG will introduce the production model of the hybrid cars One with over 1000 HP. Also with a lot of E-Power, but more affordable in the autumn start at the end of Polestar 1 of the Volvo with 600 HP from a Plug-in Hybrid drive.

the most Important E-model comes from the VW

And last but not least, the VW group rolls with an electro-Armada: electric micro-car, the Citigo from Skoda hybrid variants of the new Seat Leon, up to the first all-electric Porsche Taycan, which starts from the end of the year as the Tesla fighter. By far the largest part of the volume, but the first model of the new VW-I. D.-family, celebrating in the autumn of its Premiere. It is probably the volume most electric is expected to be a model, that could push 2020, plug-in cars on ten percent of the market share.