love the heads of women,

you have probably made a huge mistake. One that costs you an unnecessary amount, and the budget targets to miss it. It comes to your collaborator. Yes to the one in the Team is popular and constantly delivers. The, which also costs ten per cent less than the colleague who does the same Job. They have not promoted you, unfortunately.

Like most of the chiefs in Switzerland, you have promoted so of a man. 65 percent of the promotions went to Swiss corporations to men, as new data from the University of St. Gallen have shown.

Aha, the employee works only part-time? And that’s why you didn’t want to give her more responsibility? So, first of all congratulations that you can make flexible, modern Working conditions for all. You have introduced it, too, because studies show that part-time workers to concentrate on the Essentials and more efficiently. And part-time is also at the management level. Is the concept of Shared Leadership. Why carry you the employee is not together with the colleague who has just become a father and also part-time would like to work? The chief Item to share? Maybe you would be amazed how well that goes.

Aha, you didn’t negotiate? No Wonder. Women is designed to Negotiate a negative impact.

Have you made about your potential thoughts? No. Strangely, men are promoted because of their potential, and not only because of their performance.

their performance was not enough? Pardon me, but you stay because that really fair? The transport process was objective and transparent? Or was it also sympathy? All people are, in fact, prefer those who are similar. It’s called Homo-social co-option. Could it be that you remember about any longer in error, the employee or successful projects less involved than in male team-mates? Exactly the do supervisors. According to the studies of the University of St. Gallen. Minorities such as women in the business world, would be evaluated more critically, because they deviate from the Norm.

that is Exactly why you have spent for the promotion of women a lot of money. Proposal: Delete the whole of the expensive Diversity programs and just do it: Carry you women.

Aha? Yes! But wait: It could be that it is too late. Your assistant could be just about to terminate. Then you need to run again for months, Interviews of new candidates looking for this merge, only to realize at the same time that your employee has done the Job of two people. You could make independently, such as so many women. Just stupid that you would have to hire you at double the price again.

So, what I wanted to say: It’s just so inefficient to ignore women.

Thank you for your time,

Patrizia Laeri #departure

*Patrizia Laeri (42) is economic editor and presenter of “SRF Börse” and “Eco”, as well as Advisory Board member in the Institute for Digital Business at HWZ. She writes every second Wednesday for VIEWS.